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IDP Roadshow 2015

IDP Roadshow 2015

Edumbe Municipality IDP roadshow, getting the community involved, view the IDP by going to 'Documents Library' and click 'Integrated Development...

Cleanup on action

Cleanup on action

Even the Hon. Mayor, other Councillors, Municipal Manager, Directors and other officials were part of the successful clean up campaign. 

  • IDP Roadshow 2015

    IDP Roadshow 2015

    Tuesday, 26 May 2015 08:39
  • Cleanup on action

    Cleanup on action

    Tuesday, 07 April 2015 06:32

About Edumbe Municipality


éDumbe Municipality is situated in the north-western part of KwaZulu-Natal. It covers a geographical area of 1 947 km² and is home to a population of about 101 607. The municipal area of jurisdiction is demarcated into 8 wards which is predominantly rural in nature. Furthermore, the éDumbe Municipal area comprises of 52 settlements in total, which includes 48 dispersed rural settlements, 3 urban areas and one major town. The major town/urban centre are Paulpietersburg/Dumbe, located in relation to the national road and rail networks. A graphical representation of this information is indicated in the map below along with 3 maps which indicate éDumbe Local Municipality’s location in relation to the Republic of South Africa, Province of KwaZulu Natal and the Zululand District.

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Our Vision

By 2026 éDumbe Municipality will be economically viable to provide adequate services to its communities

Our Mission

éDumbe Municipality seeks to improve economic base by exploring the unique industrial, agricultural and tourism potential within its jurisdiction while protecting the natural resources for succeeding generations


Foreword by the Municipal Manager

The well functioning of the Municipality is based on efficiency and effectiveness of resources which include the personnel and the equipment being used. By observing the previous annual report for 2011 there are indications of a great improvement when comparing with other previous years' reports. There was no magic in achieving this but it was through becoming committed, dedicated and think positive for positive results. The commitment was demonstrated by both Officials and the Honourable Councillors. In our Municipality we strongly observe the MFMA which regulates the way in which Municipality funds should managed. By accurate keeping of record of all departments up to date makes it easy for the Auditor-General to make us achieve unqualified audit opinion as it happened in the annual report for 2011. 

As a rural based Municipality with huge population we are always hoping to get assistance if possible from the National Treasury through the help of Auditor-General to fund our activities. As a rural Municipality we are not generating much revenue, this has negative impact in service delivery because the needs of the people are more than the revenue we get and the majority claim to be indigent relief. 

Other challenges are lack of housing, high rate of unemployment, poverty and crime. In ensuring that we fulfil our constitutional mandate as per chapter 7 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996) and Chapter 4 of Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) we call community meetings. These are not just mere meetings but allowing public to chart the way forward for our primary planning tool.

They also play an imperative role in enhancing the IDP meetings and also give the Council through the use of Officials an opportunity to be problem solvers. ÉDumbe is rich for tourism purposes. We have a challenge of the lack of government department offices. Purpose of having adequate government department is to service peoples' needs and this will never be achieved if the departments are not closed to the people but what is done as a current solution to the current state is a close shop relationship we established with them to quicken the service delivery and enabling them to participate in the local municipality activities. 

Dumbe Municipality will continue strive to satisfy the needs of the communities, capacitate employees and Councillors, and utilize our limited resources for the benefit of all. In an endeavour to enhance our service delivery in various departments we make sure to employ skilful people to perform services for which they are employed

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